Sparring Partner That Won’t Hurt You

Even though a lot of new MMA fighters show a lot of promise, they aren’t too eager to actually punch someone. Let’s be honest, it’s getting punched back that we’re afraid of at first. Even if you’re brave, come on, who isn’t nervous about being punched? The truth is that in MMA, you need a sparring partner in order for you to improve your technique. You can punch a bag all you like but when it comes down to it, you’ll be fighting a human being, not a sack.

You might not always find a sparring partner that’s willing to take a few punches and jabs from you so that you can practice especially when you consider that you’ll be next). If you’re looking to perfect your techniques and not have to worry about taking some in return. This is why buying a punching dummy is the single best thing you can do to improve your skill as a fighter when you’re practicing by yourself.

Buying a punching dummy will make your hits more accurate and it will also make you less hesitant when fighting a real opponent. A little confidence goes a long way. Of course, a real opponent will be blocking your attacks with arm that a dummy doesn’t have but you’re still aiming for their body in the end, right? If you’re well practiced at landing hits, it doesn’t matter how much they block you, because you’ll have another attack ready for them.

Even with a practice dummy, you’ll still need to spar with actual opponents go get somewhere. Thanks to your dummy practice hours, you’ll be more confident while sparring and eventually when you start fighting opponents for titles in competitions.

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