Stay in Touch With Your Kids While They Are at School Through an App

Technology has revolutionised the education sector in more ways than one, parents once used to rely on manually signing sheets of paper every time they enrolled their kids to a day care or marked their attendance, and once they had dropped their kids off, they had no way of knowing what were their kids up to. Now, day cares of all kinds are starting to develop apps that let parent’s carry out a variety of tasks from their smartphones.

These apps are more than just a form of convenience, they provide parents with a lot more information about what their kids are doing while at school or at a day care and it also makes things such as picking and dropping children safer since electronic attendance can be taken through these apps. A great feature that many of these apps have to offer is that parents can receive photos or a live video feed that shows them what their kids are up to. They allow parents to become more involved in the time when kids are away from their parents and learning to fit into society.

A study shows that a majority of American families that have children under the age of 6 spend a sizeable portion of their income on educational and day care expenses. This shows that day care centres play an important role in a child’s early years of education, and when you consider the fact that these establishments earn as much as $50B USD annually, they should be taken more seriously.

By providing parents with better interaction with day care centres, parents can get a better idea of how well a day care is performing and whether the money that they spend there is proving to be beneficial for their kid or not. Some day cares are really making the most out of these apps by introducing assessment programs that help teachers analyse each child’s learning capabilities and simultaneously, these programs let parents track their kid’s progress.

When the idea to integrate pre-schools and day cares with software was launched for the first time, many people were quite sceptical about it since no one thought that such a refined system should be introduced at such an early level of education. However, the idea quickly caught on once people saw it in action and realized its potential, it revolutionised how people look at pre-school education. For parents, day care centres now provide an Instagram like experience, where they can view photos of what their kids are doing throughout the day and share them with other people.

It is remarkable how technology has changed our lives in so many ways, it provides solutions to multiple problems in an elegant and simple manner. Parents can now send their children to school with better peace of mind, knowing that their kids are in a safe environment and that they can check in on them whenever they feel like it.

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