What Digital Printing is Good For

Digital printing is pretty much known thing these days. This method of printing is versatile and easily available to all. In fact, you could head online and place an order now and you’ll have it delivered to your doorstep within just one or two days and maybe even in a matter of minutes if you actually go to a printing shop by yourself.

However, there are a few things that digital printing doesn’t do half as good as offset printing does and for much cheaper too. However, you wouldn’t have the option of offset printing unless you’re looking to print in bulk quantities. To learn more about offset printing, head over to LemonGraphic.sg and see the clearly illustrated and explained differences – you’re a designer you need to know these! Here’s when you should opt for digital printing instead.

Personal Printing Fun

If you’re a fan of some movie, video game or a music band and want their posters on your wall, digital is the way to go. You can have lots of different prints on card that look pretty decent and it’s easy to find. However, larger prints are pretty costly and are usually done on photographic paper, which means that the image will fade over time.

If You’re an Architect

You have a lot of clients that need to be shown floor plans for their construction projects and since each option is different, you should opt for digital printing. You’ll also be making many changes and presenting newer versions of your plans so digital remains your best option through and through.

If You’re Seeking Approval

As a graphics designer, you need to show your clients what their graphic logos will look like on paper and your trusty digital print shop is the best option for that hands down.

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