What Happens If You Ignore a Leaky Pipe?

Okay, so which do you think is scarier? A ghost haunting your home; no harm comes to you or your family by you all know that there’s some other-wordly entity living with you. On the other hand, there’s a leaking pipe under your home that you know about. Obviously, you’d answer that the ghost is scarier because let’s admit it, living with the super natural could be pretty scary. However, a leaking pipe as a higher likelihood than a ghost living in your home and is more harmful as well.

You might not see a leaking pipe as anything outside the territory of annoying but it can actually be really dangerous. Ignoring a leaking pipe can do a lot of harm to both you and your home. This is why you should call a leak detection service such as Austest as soon as you suspect that there’s a pipe leaking anywhere in your home. Here are some things that could happen if you ignore a leaking pipe.

Property Damage

Regardless of whether the pipe is leaking in, out or under your home, it’s going to cause damage to your property. If you have a pipe leaking under your home, it can really easily weaken the foundations of your home and you wouldn’t even know – much scarier than a ghost, wouldn’t you say?

Poisonous Gasses

Not all water pipes under your home carry clean water you have a series of waste pipes running under your home as well and these can leak dirty water along with methane gas, which can be poisonous if inhaled. A lot of harmful bacteria that cause diseases also come from these leaking waste pipes. You can’t ignore these.

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